Mindfulness for Activists: An Introduction

Taking care of yourself, others and your engagement

Introductory workshop | online live

Summary: This Mindfulness for (healthy) Activists session specifically addresses engaged people spending a lot or all of their time and energy (sometimes more than what is healthy) in social or environmental projects. To support you in taking care of your health, wellbeing, energy and lasting positive impact in the world, this session will introduce various mindfulness practices and especially also potentially new perspectives that can arise through a mindful way of living. Taken together, this can help you start familiarizing and connecting with your body and mind. The body that allows you to be in touch with the world and that often is an early messenger of physical or mental stress. And the mind as the place where your experiences, thoughts, emotions, views and perspectives take place - and from where you can manage your life.


You will learn the basics of the human stress reaction, how this is connected with thoughts and emotions such as fear, anger, despair  and how cultivating the universal human ability of mindfulness can help you recognize stress early on, start to step out of it, build resilience towards it, and start to approach it in ways that are constructive both for you, your engagement and others alike. Knowing a bit more about the way the mind works and knowing about mindfulness, you will start to understand that taking care of yourselves is taking care of others - and taking care of others is taking care of yourself.


The program is mainly based on the scientifically evaluated curriculum MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction), also includes a few traditional aspects of mindfulness practice, has a very strong focus on experiential learning, and short theoretical inputs from the facilitator. Its non-religious and open to anybody.


The workshop can be delivered on site but is usually delivered as an interactive online live course via zoom. The latter option allows you to attend from anywhere simply by using a computer or tablet.


Workshop dates:

22. Feb. 2020 14:00 - 18:00hrs

07. March 2020 14:00 - 18:00hrs


Facilitator: Hendrik Stark (PhD)

Duration: ca. 4h.

Grouz size: 10 to 30 people.

Target group: activists and other engaged people who are exhausted and are seeking a first impulse to find ways to skillfully manage their lives, engagement and health - or activists, who are simply curious how they can maintain their inner balance and engagement using mindfulness.

Level: No previous expertise is required. The workshop is an introduction. Follow up classes with advanced training are avaiable.

Costs: The workshop is free of charge; you are welcome to make a donation at www.mindenvironment.org


For questions please contact: hendrik.stark@mindenvironment.org