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 We cannot change problems with the same thinking we used when we crated them.

- Albert Einstein -

Exploring our minds beyond conceptual thinking can be profoundly beneficial, auspicious and helpful. We can learn to reduce our entanglement in obstructive, habituated thoughts, views and emotional reactions. This can open up a space for understanding who we really are, how we are connected to the world around us mentally and physically, and what our heartfelt aspirations are. Familiarizing with our minds through mindfulness-based meditation can therefore help us to manage our lives and relationships, our knowledge and businesses, and eventually even our ‘habitats’ and available resources increasingly precise, meaningful and sustainable.


We at MindEnvironment conduct research and offer consulting, talks, workshops, courses, educational programs and retreats related to social and ecological sustainability and based on classical science and mindfulness-based methods. Together with participants we work in individual and group settings to explore the functioning of the mind in this regard. We work with people from a range of sectors such as health & wellbeing, leadership & management as well as school, university & environmental education. Please find and access the offers that are relevant to your interests below.

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